Montag, 31. Dezember 2012

Plus Size Outfit Day- My favorite outfits of 2012

Okay people, 2012 is almost over, and it's time for another POD!
I really like this theme, because I never made a "best of outfits"-posts.
So, as usually, I'm making a bit fun with this. :D 

While collecting the pictures for this post, I noticed a routine in my outfit posts.
First of all, most posts consist minimum 3 pictures:
full body shot, close up and detail pictures of accessories

Also, my outfits mainly include some sort of jacket, somehow I can't do without it. I think a jacket completes an outfit.

The Blazer:
So, as you can see, I do own a few, but I really like them and wear them often. And I have a thing for these 80s-cut blazer, also I like the long-line-cut.

The Denim Jacket:
Basically, I own 2 different denim jackets: a shorter, bright one with a tighter fit and an oversized one in a middle-toned denim. And I think that's enough. A black one would be nice, but I don't know if I really need 3 different jackets, so we will see.
Denim is great for spring and autumn and goes well with almost everything.

The Biker Jacket:
These only 4 pictures can't show you my big love for my 2 biker jackets. At least one of them I wear once per week!
These can be combined with everything, at least in my opinion and I really like some "breaks" in an outfit, like a cute dress with a cool biker jacket. 

 The Trousers:
Okay, I admit it: I own like 876984 dresses, and maybe 3 different leggings and 3 pair of trousers. And the one on the first picture is already dead to me, because it's too big for me now, haha.
I don't feel comfortable in jeans or trousers, there is always something that annoys me about it, and I always think my buttom is way too big. :P
Maybe, in some tome I will find my way with jeans. 

The Accessories
I used to own a lot of different scarves and shawls, also necklaces and earrings but this year I recognised how little I actually put on, so I sorted a lot of stuff out.

Please also check ot the other girls best of 2012 outfits:

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Unknown hat gesagt…

Schön schön schön! Ich bin ja sowieso ein Fan von deinem Style, so viele schöne Muster und Farben! Freu mich auf mehr davon in 2013! :9

Guten Rutsch wünsch ich dir! ;)

A dress is for life hat gesagt…

i have lots of dresses too i love all your outfits xx

Katrin hat gesagt…

everytime I am a bit more in love with your style :) what an awesome year and such great looks!

Leonie hat gesagt…

Finde ich total schön wenn es auch für plussize-größen tolle Mode gibt und es dann auch welche gibt die darüber bloggen!;)
Ganz liebe Grüße und ein frohes neues Jahr Leo

Mia hat gesagt…

Ich bin dein Fan, ich mag deine Outfit's!!! LG Mia

Katha Strophe // hat gesagt…

Hach, toll. Ich mag deine Outfits sehr!
Kleidchen + Lederjacke ist einfach dein Look!

Frohes neues Jahr!

2moro hat gesagt…

ich liebe deinen Stil!

Der ist immer wieder inspirierend und deine Bilder die du machst passen immer perfekt dazu!

Unknown hat gesagt…

i absolutely agree- a jacket does complete every look! you are so cute, i am so glad we found each other's blogs this year! xo

audrey hat gesagt…

I love your outfit for the POD :) !

Jenny hat gesagt…

Tolle Zusammenstellung. Ich finde es cool das du deine Outfits so zusammen gestellt hast, da steckt richtig viel Mphe drin :-))

Mir ist zum Beispiel bei diesem Post auf gefallen, das ich so oft die selben Posen drauf habe. ;-))

Liebe Grüße und ein frohes neues Jahr,

Unknown hat gesagt…

interessting and inspiring may i can inspire you?!